TKI Traction Block Kit
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Introducing TKI CNC traction blocks. Constructed from 6061 billet aluminum, they are designed to work with most round, tube frame, running boards.  

For maximum strength, the blocks use a pair of 3/16 pop rivets for mounting.  Each block is drilled and tapped for a set of 10/32 “traction” screws.  The blocks work great without the added traction screws, but we have found some harder soled boots require a more aggressive traction solution.  Produced in two sizes 1 1/2 inch and 3 1/4 inch. The 3 1/4 inch blocks work great along the outside rail edge while the 1 1/2 inch are best suited for the inner crossbars.  

Each kit includes 24 aluminum blocks (8 long and 16 short) all necessary mounting hardware and traction screws. Currently available in black, purple and silver. 

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  • Item #: TKI-TRX

TKI Traction Block Kit

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