2016-2019 Polaris Axys 2.6 Belt Drive
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The Belt Drive for Polaris Axys 2.6 model 2016-2019 allows for easy installation replacing the factory belt drive with NO modifications to the factory parts. This kit does NOT modify any OEM parts. Manufactured in the USA!!

This kit comes with a tensioner allowing tension on the belt unlike the factory belt drive. TKI kit will also include with a 10.9 grade bolt for bottom gear retainer. Replacement belts are $80.00 USD.

Available in 6 Gear Ratios allowing for maximized power and easy adjustment. Recommended gear ratios:

163 = 29T

155 = 30T

Gear ratio calculation = Bottom Gear / Top Gear  or  63/25 = 2.52.


  • Item #: TKI-BDP16.26.

2016-2019 Polaris Axys 2.6 Belt Drive

Price: $700.00
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